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I believe in smart design for smart people. The past few years I have designed successful artwork for several university associations in The Netherlands, and found that effective design doesn’t have to be dumbed down for the masses. Getting your message across is about the intelligent use of the media open to you. Therefore it follows that a good poster can be made as complicated as you wish, as long as it gets the message across.

In the weblog I give in-depth views of featured designs in so-called “Designer’s Logs”, explaining this concept, as well as giving general updates. For contact info please see the side-bar on the right.

“Joris is great to work with. He brings great ideas, an exacting eye and can be speedy in a pinch. I strongly recommend him if you need a poster or book cover.”

Hart Johnson, author

“Joris has an amazing talent—rarely seen by me before: he has an inner knowing about how the story can be encapsulated..and he just goes for it”

Marian Youngblood, author